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Episode 19: Tom Janetscheck- The main pillars of Azure Security Center

In this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, we had the opportunity to speak with our special guest Tom Janet Janetscheck, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Cybersecurity Engineering, focused on Azure Security Center, and our Co-Host for these series of the podcast, Pablo Chacรณn, Security...

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Episode 18: Amrita Satapathy and the Azure Security Benchmark

In this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, I'm excited to welcome a very special guest Amrita Satapathy, and the legendary, and co-Host for the upcoming series of the podcast, Pablo Chacรณn, Security Community Lead to discuss about the Azure Security Benchmark.

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Episode 17: Omar Avilรฉs – Multicloud architectures with Kubernetes

In this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast I was joined by Omar Avilรฉs, Senior Cloud Architect at Microsoft. Omar is responsible for leading and enabling partners in the Microsoft Cloud through Microsoft Azure capabilities.

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Episode 16: Francisco Corona – Creating new opportunities for businesses in Mexico with Microsoft Cloud, IoT and AI

In this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast I was delighted to spend time with Francisco Corona, Head of Cloud Services at Microsoft.

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Episode 15: Glauter Januzzi – Disrupt Talks and the impact of innovation in startups and technical communities

For this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, I'm excited to welcome Glauter Januzzi, Community Program Manager at Microsoft directly from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss: -The impact of covid on startups in the latam market -The concept of massive transformation purpose applied to startups and...

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Episode 14: Raรบl Guerrero – Empowering partners in the Latam market to drive innovation through Azure Cloud Services

For this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, I was joined by Raรบl Guerrero Carreรณn, former Senior cloud architect at Microsoft and current Partner Technology Strategist to discuss his perspective in the adoption of Azure in Mexico/Latam markets, challenges and how he overcome the unexpected...

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"Thanks for having us Dave. Was fun." โ€” November 28, 2019
"The podcast is great. I will make sure to pass the link to our community and hear their thoughts on it as well (Our first edition got some good comments ๐Ÿ˜Š). And, thanks again for having us over for the podcast." โ€” February 28, 2020
Surya Venkat
Product Marketing at Kovai.com
"Thank you for having us on Dave ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ " โ€” November 27, 2019

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