Episode 06: Tips para obtener certificaciones Microsoft Azure

Episode 06: Tips para obtener certificaciones Microsoft Azure

En este episodio deย #AzureLateShowย conversamos con Juan Carlos Ruiz Pacheco, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect @Microsoft sobre algunos tips para obtener las habilidades sobre Azure para impulsar tu carrera, desde capacitaciรณn basada en roles hasta cursos avanzados, y por quรฉ debes obtener certificaciones reconocidas por la industria.

Net-University:ย Cursos en lรญnea disponibles

Episode Highlights

  • Introducciones [0:34]
  • Sobre Juan Carlos Ruiz [1:55]
  • Benficios de Certificaciones Microsoft basadas en roles [4:43]
  • Tips para estudiar para una certificaciรณn [10:50]
  • ยฟPor dรณnde comenzar tu camino para la certificaciรณn? [17:53]
  • Recursos de aprendizaje [23:41]

About our Special Guest


Juan Carlos Ruiz Pachecoย @JuanKRuiz– Senior Cloud Solutions Architect – Microsoft.

I really enjoy what I do: transfer my knowledge and experiences to others to improve their professional life.

Software architect and consultant in information systems,

I have over 20 years working in the technology industry, few years as IT Pro and most of the time as software architect and developer, building applications for the financial and insurance industry.

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