Episode 07: The Integration User Group: the learning opportunities and upcoming webinars

Episode 07: The Integration User Group: the learning opportunities and upcoming webinars

For this #AzureLateShow episode, I interview Lex Hegt and Mike Stephenson to discuss the work they are doing in the “Integration Monday” initiative and the impact on the Microsoft Tech Community.

Integration User Group web site

“Integration Monday is a community initiative brought to you by Michael Stephenson & Saravana Kumar and sponsored by Kovai.co. This initiative is focused on bringing Integration specific webinars from Microsoft Product Group, MVP’s, Community Members, and Customers. The webinars take place at 7:30 PM British Time every Monday. Take a look at the Upcoming events and Past events on Integration Monday”

The goal of the Integration User Group is to educate, evangelize, and inform the community about various integration technologies, and how developers and architects of various, yet intersecting disciplines can share and learn about the evolving integration and messaging capabilities of the Microsoft platform.

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Episode Highlights

  • Introductions [1:03]
  • About Integration User Group [4:48]
  • Future of the Integration User Group in 2020 [6:23]
  • A global community [8:28]
  • How to get in touch [12:46]

About our Special Guests


Freelance Cloud Specialist and Architect with a strong background of years working in Enterprise Integration environments. Michael has been a Microsoft MVP for 11 years for technologies such as Microsoft Azure since it was first released and also a history working with BizTalk going back to 2002 edition.


Lives together with his wife Odette and two kids, Denise and Casper, near The Hague in The Netherlands. Although his first steps in IT date back to mid-1980’s, he started with Microsoft Integration technologies in 2004. He has worked at different Dutch consultancy companies like Ordina and Axon Olympus (now Codit Netherlands), and all his job assignments shaped him to an experienced BizTalk Server administrator, developer and trainer.

Since 2016, Lex started working at BizTalk360. At that company he is a Technical Lead, helping the teams to further develop the BizTalk360 and Atomic Scope products. Lex is also responsible for running trainings and community initiatives like Integration Monday, Middleware Friday and multiple community-oriented newsletters.

In his spare time, Lex enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music, playing piano, goal keeping at field hockey and wining and dining with good company.

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