Episode 12: Azure Functions: Best practices to build and architect your serverless solutions with Ezhilarasi Kesavan

For this #AzureLateShow podcast episode, we talk about how you can leverage Azure Functions with Ezhilarasi Kesavan, IT professional and product consultant at Serverless 360.

Episode Highlights

  • Introductions [0:35]
  • About Azure Functions [0:58]
  • Azure Functions use cases [1:40]
  • The economics of serverless computing, learn to estimate your project with Azure Functions [3:20]
  • Choose Linux/windows to run your Azure Function [6:29]
  • Scaling Azure Functions [7:20]
  • Best practices to leverage Azure Functions [8:10]
  • Supported languages [9:55]
  • Azure Functions settings [11:22]
  • Securing your Azure Function [13:11]
  • Monitoring Azure Functions [14:55]
  • Serverless 360 benefits [17:33]


About our Special Guest


Ezhilarasi Kesavan has experience of more than a decade in the IT field with the knowledge spectrum spread across various domains. She is passionate about Microsoft Azure offerings like Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and Azure Service Bus. Ezhilarasi is also certified on MSCA: Web Applications and MSCD: App Builder. She is an active speaker for Techmeet360 and also likes to share her ideas with the community by writing technical articles focused on Azure Serverless technologies.

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