Episode 14: Raúl Guerrero – Empowering partners in the Latam market to drive innovation through Azure Cloud Services

For this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, I was joined by Raúl Guerrero Carreón, former Senior cloud architect at Microsoft and current Partner Technology Strategist to discuss his perspective in the adoption of Azure in Mexico/Latam markets, challenges and how he overcome the unexpected obstacles.

Episode Highlights

  • Introductions [0:27]
  • About Raúl daily activities in times of covid[9:02]
  • Cloud adoption challenges and strategies [16:10]
  • DevOps [20:20]
  • Covid impact on Digital Transformation [43:00]
  • Raúl experience and advice [33:31]
  • Resources[37:12]

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About our Special Guest

Raúl Guerrero Carreón Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft

Azure Late Show Podcast Episode 014 - Raul Guerrero

Raúl Guerrero is a passionate developer, responsible for the democratization of new technologies and adoption of best practices in software development. In recent years, he has trained more than 2,000 developers in the use of Microsoft technologies and in application lifecycle management using Azure DevOps.

He currently help companies in open source projects to adopt a microservices and containerization approach.

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