Episode 15: Glauter Januzzi – Disrupt Talks and the impact of innovation in startups and technical communities

Episode 15: Glauter Januzzi – Disrupt Talks and the impact of innovation in startups and technical communities

For this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, I’m excited to welcome Glauter Januzzi, Community Program Manager at Microsoft directly from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss:

  • The impact of covid on startups in the latam market
  • The concept of massive transformation purpose applied to startups and technical communities
  • Glauter personal story

Episode Highlights

  • Introductions [0:27]
  • About Glauter role [2:03]
  • Impact of covid in the Latam startups and technical communities [5:35]
  • Massive transformation purpose concept and impact on organizations[10:38]
  • The Power of PeopleChain [12:19]
  • 5 Steps to connect people – “PLACE” [12:31]
    • Purpose
    • Leadership
    • Attitude
    • Commitment
    • Empathy
  • Glauter top 3 lessons learned to effectively create an inclusive and favorable ecosystem in your startup and/or technical community [17:24]
  • Glauter advice to people who are starting on their entrepreneurship journey and/or technical community []

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About our Special Guest

Glauter Januzzi Community Program Manager at Microsoft

Azure Late Show Podcast Episode 015 - Glauter Januzzi

I am very grateful to work in a company like Microsoft and have the chance to act on something that I have passion and do with a lot of purpose: working with communities. Together we are more! It is a great honor to work together with the most valuable professionals.

I grew up in VR, not Virtual Reality 😉 but Volta Redonda, a small city close to Rio de Janeiro and at the age of 9 I woke up my tech spirit while learning how to program with BASIC language in an Apple II computer. After following for great and fruitful paths with Clipper, C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, PERL and Java, I started to go through areas more connected to Cloud Infra, Agile and DevOps.

Since 2016 I started my startup dream in my spare time and an adventure as book writer, writing about career reinvention, innovation and entrepreneurship dnd getting the grateful surprise of becoming Best-Selling author with DisrupTalks.

Sharing attitude with impact and influence, trying to make a difference around me. Empowering people through education and knowledge. My two big bets in terms of disruptive technologies are: AR and AI. Augmented Reality and AI are changing the world for better.

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