Episode 15: Glauter Januzzi – Disrupt Talks and the impact of innovation in startups and technical communities

For this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, I’m excited to welcome Glauter Januzzi, Community Program Manager at Microsoft directly from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss:

-The impact of covid on startups in the latam market
-The concept of massive transformation purpose applied to startups and technical communities
-Glauter personal story

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Episode 14: Raúl Guerrero – Empowering partners in the Latam market to drive innovation through Azure Cloud Services

For this episode of the #AzureLateShow podcast, I was joined by Raúl Guerrero Carreón, former Senior cloud architect at Microsoft and current Partner Technology Strategist to discuss his perspective in the adoption of Azure in Mexico/Latam markets, challenges and how he overcome the unexpected obstacles.

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